Facial Reconstruction Course


September 21-22 2023

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Course Introduction

Because the incidence of skin cancer is increasing worldwide, and head and neck surgeons keep pushing the boundaries of oncologic surgery, reconstructive surgeons are increasingly faced with complex facial defects. During this intensive two-day course, experts from the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery will review all aspects of aesthetic facial reconstruction and share their treatment algorithms and surgical secrets. The practical sessions will be performed on fresh frozen cadavers with two participants per specimenThe course will cover the essential reconstructive options for the eyelids, cheek, perioral region, nose, and for the paralyzed face.

Impression of previous courses

The program

The facial reconstruction course is a two-day course. Please take a look at the schedule

09:00 Welcome
09:05 Anatomy of the eyelids and periorbital region
09:20 Principles of eyelid reconstruction
09:35 Skillslab: the bipedicled Tripier flap for lower eyelid defects
10:50 Skillslab: the lid-switch flap for upper eyelid defects
10:30 Skillslab: the temporo-parietal fascia flap for complete eyelid reconstruction
11:00 Skillslab: the Cutler-Beard flap for upper eyelid defects
11:30 Skillslab: the Hughes flap for lower eyelid defects
12:00 Skillslab: the Tenzel flap for lower or upper eyelid defects
13:15 Functional and esthetic anatomy of the nose in relation to the face
13:45 The staged nasal reconstruction
14:45 Skillslab: the dorsal nasal or the Rintala flap for supratip defects
15:30 Skillslab: nasolabial flap for alar defects
16:00 Skillslab: the paramedian forehead flap for complex nasal defects
16:45 Group photo
08:00 Welcome
08:05 Navigating anatomic planes in the face: where to run, where to crawl
08:20 Complex facial reconstructions
08:45 Skillslab: the Schrudde cheek advancement-rotation flap
09:15 Skillslab: the cervico-facial hike flap
09:45 Skillslab: the transverse platysma flap
10:45 Skillslab: the Facial Artery Perforator (‘FAP’) flap for subtotal lip defects
11:30 Skillslab: the Abbé lip-switch flap for central defects of the upper lip
12:15 Skillslab: the Karapandzic flap for central defects of the lower lip
13:45 The facial nerve
14:00 Static vs. dynamic reconstruction in facial nerve palsy
14:15 Skillslab: de tarsal strip laterale canthopexie
14:45 Skillslab: static suspension of the corner of the mouth
16:00 Skillslab: m. temporalis myoplasty / fascia sling
16:30 Skillslab: depressor labii inferioris myectomy
17:00 Closing remarks and certificate
17:15 DRINKS


I am committed to improving the quality of life of cancer patients by performing oncological reconstructive surgery that is often challenging, highly complex and innovative.

Prof. Marc Mureau

Plastic Surgeon Erasmus MC Rotterdam


The Reconstruction Masterclass provides reconstructive surgery training of the highest quality for both residents and consultants. You won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Robert Dijkman

Senior resident Plastic Surgery

Erasmus MC Rotterdam


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Regular Consultant/Fellow/Resident

€1500 (Limited)


Rotterdam, city on the Maas, is considered the most modern city of the Netherlands. Atypical in its own country, internationally renowned for its passion for innovation and its unpolished charms. Whether it is its ever-changing skyline full of audacious architecture, its port that is regarded as the smartest in the world, or the “can do” mentality of its residents. Rotterdam is a town with a pronounced character, energetic and always dynamic. Esser Masterclass and Rotterdam Partners make it possible for their participants to experience the city of Rotterdam at it’s full most.

Rotterdam Information
SkillsLab Erasmus MC Room
Ee-120 Wytemaweg 80
3015 CN Rotterdam,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 11 36 38 52


Esser Masterclass introduced a new education principle: FAIR-TRAED (Fair Transparent Education). FAIR-TRAED means that the registration fees are directly invested in the Esser Masterclass educational materials to advance hand surgery trainings. The organisation and the faculty have a passion for hand surgery and support FAIR-TRAED which means that they do not receive any financial compensation. This enables Esser Masterclass to keep the registration fees at a minimum. Our mission is making high-quality handsurgery education accessible for every handsurgeon around the globe and our motto is training form handsurgeons to handsurgeons.

Special Thanks to

Ella Nitters MSc, MA

“As a medical illustrator I am proud to be part of the Reconstruction Masterclass. It’s my passion to draw the human anatomy and within Reconstruction Masterclass I get the opportunity to explore this with devoted reconstructive surgeons.”